As part of the process to enroll smallholder farmers under GASIP's Conservation Agriculture upscale for the year 2021, the Climate Change Adaptation Manager along with Value Chain Officers, have for the past week been visiting selected districts to verify names of farmers which have been submitted by partnering districts.

In all, thirty districts were visited for this verification and this included twenty districts that GASIP has targeted to support with training for community members in nursery establishment, seedling production, and alley cropping in the selected districts.

The Climate change adaptation interventions of GASIP is funded by IFAD under the Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Program (ASAP) grant.

Through the visits, GASIP gets to understand and appreciate the challenges smallholders go through, and to adopt suitable interventions for them.

GASIP would like to thank all District Directors and staff who participated in the verification exercise. A number of recommendations have been made after the visits for you to work on. Together, we can select the right and most vulnerable farmers to be supported to benefit from the climate change resilience activity, and to serve as climate change champions for others to learn from.

Indeed, it also shows how our District Department of Agriculture organizes themselves in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic.

GASIP entreats all Districts to take COVID-19 seriously, and to ensure that the right protocols are employed at all gatherings.