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Programme Strategies and Approaches

GASIP is built along four (4) strategic axis:

  • Linking smallholder farmers to agribusinesses to enhance pro-poor growth
  • Nationwide scaling up of a successful value chain investment approach
  • Promoting and mainstreaming climate change resilience approaches in Ghana, in particular in the northern regions, financed through the Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP)
  • Knowledge management, harmonization of intervention approaches and policy support The programme adopts the demand and market driven approach. It will use the achievements of NRGP and RTIMP as starting point. Tools for a sector wide approach will be developed. Harmonized tools for value chain development as well as climate change vulnerability analysis will be used. A mechanism for financing value chain infrastructure at District level in line with decentralization will be institutionalized. A matching grant mechanism to leverage investments in equipment will be institutionalized and an initiative fund to support innovations in value chains will be set up.

The various strategies will be anchored on the following principles:

  • Access to programme benefits will be based on clear eligibility criteria and opportunities for viable value chain ventures
  • Resources will be allocated to areas of most need with selection criteria being outlined for each component
  • Interventions must be participatory and demand driven
  • Interventions must be gender and climate sensitive
  • There will be wide publicity and information dissemination on activities, procedures and selection criteria
  • The processes to access programme activities must be participatory involving communities, MMDAs, PFI, VCF, VCC and other stakeholders


The Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme (GASIP) aims at providing a framework and institutional basis for a long-term engagement and supplementary financing for scaling up investments in private sector-led pro-poor agricultural value chain development. Read more...

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